Politics in Texas

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Politics in Texas When we start to see how much changed Texas which is as complex and diverse, we realize the qualities that it has. Texas has a Constitution that defines and protects a history of conservative political thought and independent self. It is a place with great variety and diversity of population, millions and millions of people in a big state, big territory, racial origins, different cultures, traditions, ethnic diversity, interests, complex economic activities, extremely significant regional variations but also is a conservative state. Going to the exact point, when we talk about Texas and whose the society, we are talking about the people and the government, political culture, and embracing all that common in the context of people's values, traditions, behaviors marked, and exactly because everything is linked to the policy, which is the separation of powers, which are the legislative, executive, judicial, and checks and balances. These ideas and patterns that mark the behavior of the people are developed over time, and will gradually affect the political life of a state or country region. Texas has been governed in different periods as in the Spanish of (1691 - 1822), then in the Mexican period after independence from Mexico, being recognized in the Treaty of Cordoba, the territory of Texas became part of the First Mexican Empire, during (1822 - 1835), after by Coahuila and Texas, after the dissolution of the First Mexican Empire when

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