Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment

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Environmental Stewardship In this modern age, we are slowly losing our accessibility to conventional oil. Conventional oil is such an important resource to us. We can observe this by even walking down a simple street. The roads contain concrete which are composed with oil, clothing worn by the people walking down the street are made of oil, the fuel to power a car, etc. Oil can be used in many various ways. We are not only losing oil in resources, we are also exhausting most of our resources today. Pollution is the main reason resources are becoming inaccessible and unusable. Pollution means, “The presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects.” Pollution mostly occurs when…show more content…
The companies increase the price of oil depending on its supply and demand. These two factors are a huge role that partake in any product. However, since supply falls then, demand will ultimately increase and this causes a price to increase. If supply falls then and demand is proportional should increase but, companies increase the price due to demand of oil being relatively high and stable. They increase the price deciding on how much price increase will it take to overcome demand and set the price accordingly. This price is way above the price to extract the oil just because of limited supply and greedy stakeholders. It is understandable that these companies use a lot of oils to extract their resources but, this should not escalate price to a point where it is too expensive. Just a few hundred years, we did not know how to extract oil, however, since the industrial revolution we learned and this gave birth to the greedy people who only want profit off oil. All and all, the stakeholders control oil and we must prepare for when conventional oil runs out. The people that gain profit from oil are the companies that export and import oil. In turn, the people that lose or are impacted from these companies are us. We are affected every day due to the price of petroleum increasing. If the price of petroleum is bad now, it will take a worse turn in the near future. The petroleum price will affect how many people drive
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