Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment

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From the beginning of the existence of humans on planet Earth, humans have caused the majority of pollution in the environment. It is widely accepted that pollution causes negative effects on the planet and on biological health. Humans have polluted all the the four major parts to Earth; air, water, soil, and wildlife. Many countries have taken steps to limit or remove many harmful chemicals that are released into the environment but many large countries, such as China, still don 't have tight restrictions on manufactures. As a united race, all countries must work together to eliminate most, if not all, the main ways that we pollute the Earth. This is planet-wide problem that needs to be fixed now so it isn 't left to the next generation to fix, like the previous generation left it to the current generation. The human race has had a long path of causing pollution over history. To not let history repeat itself, it would be beneficial to reflect on how humans have been careless with our delicate environment.

Out of the four main areas that are polluted, air is the most widely polluted. In the modern era; most vehicles, factories, cities, and industrial jobs create most of the contaminants in the air. Almost every metropolitan area suffer under the effects of smog that is hazardous to breathe in high doses. All gasoline combustion engines create carbon monoxide as side product creating most of the smog in cities. Factories are also a prime contributor to air pollution;
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