Pollution Has Been A Growing Problem

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Pollution has been a growing problem since the rapid evolution of technology after the Industrial Revolution, which contaminated Earth with its byproducts of harmful chemicals and an ever growing pile of trash. From harmful chemicals in the air to plastic floating in the ocean, pollution has contaminated the very world we have been living in, slowly creating a bleak future for the new generations to come. I was a young child, unaware of the danger of just breathing the air and how dirty the world has become over the last few hundred years. Eventually, a life-threatening event changed that view forever and urged me to take a stance on the topic of pollution, changing my views and having a huge impact on my future. Before long, I had become…show more content…
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEQghbA3pLM [insert video here] Around fifth grade, I learned about climate change and its relation to pollution from school and research online. Climate change is a change in the weather and temperature around the world that lasts for a period of time. It affects many species and can even result mass extinctions, extinctions of many species around the same time. This discovery worried me, and the anxiety grew into trying to aid in the fight against pollution to prevent climate change from getting out of control and destroying the delicate ecosystems on Earth. As a result, I started to follow the news about climate change by aiding in the prevention of pollution, which is the main cause of global warming and global cooling, the effects of climate change, in different parts of the world. The predicted change in climate at that time scared me due to the unpredictable weather and possible harm it would bring to many of the animals of the world, creatures that I cared deeply about and wanted to desperately protect because of my previous dream of becoming a veterinarian, also known as an animal doctor. To this day, we have already lost many species in their fight to survive the drastic climate changes.
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