Pollution In The Backcountry - Snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park

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Outline Of Pollution in the Backcountry

1. Bush over turns Clintons plans to ban snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park. (pro) a. Yellowstone will continue to be polluted and degraded. (con)
2. Business, Industry and environment. a. Two opinions presented by each side
3. Identifying problems with the over turning of the Clinton administration ban.
4. Identifying problems with the pollution in off road vehicles.
5. Identifying propaganda techniques used by either side.
6. How credible is each side of the debate? a. What are the credentials for each side?
7. Which side impressed me as being the most empirical in presenting their case?
8. Are there any reasons to believe the writers are biased?
9. With which
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There are many viewpoints on this subject and I think it is hard to find the facts that have not been altered or slanted by people with their own opinions. By the year 2007 the facts are supposed to be presented and addressed to the House of Representatives.

There are many ways to look at this subject. One is by the industry and how this subject could affects the local businesses. I personally would feel an affect of the banning of snowmobiles in the park. I work for a company that manufactures snowmobiles and the grooming equipment that keeps the trails open. There is a great amount of revenue that comes from the thriving industry. There are some 85,000 visitors each winter that generates over 30 million dollars throughout the three surrounding states. The other way to look at this subject is the pollution that these snowmobiles create. "Tests have been done to prove that just one snowmobile creates the same amount of pollution that of 100 automobiles" (The New York Times, 2002). They generate up to 68% of all the carbon monoxide and up to 90% of all the hydrocarbons emitted in the park. This has been proven to be a huge factor when it comes to nature along with the plants and animals in the area.

The problems I see from overturning President Clintons ban on the park consists of many different aspects. First would be the controversy that the overturn has caused with the people involved, Environmentalists, Government
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