Pollution In Water Pollution

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Pollution is a major problem in water systems all around the world and in our creek. In our area, eutrophication and acid rain are the two main pollution problems in our area. Eutrophication can be caused by sewage treatment plants, home sewage systems, and farm fertilizer runoff. Acid rain can be caused by the burning of fossil fuel. Eutrophication causes plants to die and when the plants die, the bacteria from the dead plants use up the oxygen from the water, which causes the fish to die.
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My hypothesis is if the creek has higher levels of phosphates and nitrates, and lower level of dissolved oxygen, then the creek will be polluted. The levels of nitrates and phosphates should be near 0 ppm for the creek to not be considered polluted. The dissolved oxygen levels should be higher if the creek is healthy. Dissolved oxygen is essentially the amount of oxygen in the water. For the acid rain test, we put a solution on different rocks to see if the acid dissolved the rocks. The nitrate and phosphate test involved getting a specific amount of creek water, putting different solutions in the water, and matching the solutions with other vials to determine the state of the water.Photo Credits to Alex Cathers

There were 487 macroinvertebrates that were found in total at the creek. 308 were pollution sensitive, 101 were somewhat pollution tolerant, and 78 were pollution tolerant. This is one indicator that the creek is less polluted because the more

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