Pollution Is Not A Big Problem

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Although thought to be “not a big problem” and “under control” by most people, pollution is making its way in being a serious and an unforgiving threat to society. Pollution a topic everyone hears and knows exists. What they don’t know is how serious of a problem it is already becoming. Many health issues are being reported now that are linked to air pollution and even the most severe weather places have encountered are linked to air pollution also. By society, not fully being aware of the true threat that pollution is making, it will only become a growing threat that they will be encountering. Jain, who is an 18 year old boy, is suffering from the lack of oxygen in his blood that flows through the body. This is caused by the pollution he is constantly breathing in all day. It doesn’t end with him just yet, but the millions of people who also live in Delhi. The pollution is so bad in there, that it is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day. The comment “Everyone is a smoker” said by Rajesh is referring to the people who are breathing in the poor air quality and the harm it brings. Jain survived that night, but now has asthma and is now required to check in with a doctor regularly to make sure he is healthy. He started to wear a mask outside to help reduce further damage to his health conditions. This still doesn’t prevent him from having attacks, but it does reduce the number of attacks and makes them less severe. This is just one story from the millions
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