Pollution Of The Air During The United States

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The large majority of todays cars and trucks travel by using internal combustion engines that burn fossil fuels and gasoline. A variety of emissions are polluted into the atmosphere when burning gasoline to power cars and trucks. Emissions that are released directly from cars and trucks into the atmosphere are the primary cause of car pollution but it still causes pollution the air during the manufacturing and refueling processes. Primary pollution from motor vehicles is pollution that is emitted directly into the atmosphere where as secondary pollution is caused from chemical reactions between pollutants after they have been released into the air at least 92 million Americans still live in areas with chronic smog problems. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency predicts that by 2010, even with pollution controls more than 93 million people will live in areas that violate health standards for ozone (urban smog) and more than 55 million Americans will suffer from hazardous levels of fine particle pollution, which is especially dangerous to children and senior citizens. While new trucks and cars emit about 90 percent fewer pollutants than they did 30 years ago total annual vehicle miles driven have increased by more than 140 percent since 1970 and are expected to increase another 25 percent by 2010. The emission reductions from individual vehicles have not adequately kept pace with the increase in miles driven. As a result cars and trucks are still the largest single

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