Pollution Of Water Pollution

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Thousands of plastic water bottles are being tossed inconsiderably into the bayous, rivers, and large bodies of water every year. Because of this action, it raises many concerning issues that appeal to a variety of people. The artist has strong view points and opinions towards the topic of pollution. The artist created an image of a photo-shopped iceberg made of plastic water bottles compared to a real natural iceberg in a body of water. The visual image is depicted in great detail in accordance to the contents of the subject as well as the point of view of the artist. The artist uses rhetorical appeals to bring awareness to the warnings, threats, and stifling of pollution, and what pollution means to them.
The visual image of trash over-polluting the ocean suggests that without proper care and consideration of our ecosystem, pollution can potentially become life threatening. The real iceberg is composed of actual frozen water while the fake iceberg is composed of crushed water bottles. The over-pollution of the area adjacent to the iceberg represents that man-made products are causing the pollution while the iceberg signifies the pure nature of the earth. The unrealistic trash “iceberg” is not proportional in means of size compared to the adjacent natural iceberg. The trash is instead portrayed larger than the iceberg; this metaphor suggests that the more the community pollutes, the faster the deterioration of the ecosystem will proceed. The polluted iceberg grows in size

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