Pollution : Why Is It Important?

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Pollution Prevention- Why is it Important?

Oil spills are difficult to clean up in the Gulf of Mexico. Spills like BP’s 4.9 million barrels spill are even harder to clean up. One of the reasons for this difficult task is that oil spills are never alike. It is estimated that approximately 706 million gallons of oil enter the ocean every year. Offshore drilling and production operations and spills from ships or tankers typically contribute less than 8 percent of the total that enter the ocean each year. The majority of the oil entering the ocean comes from routine maintenance of ships at 20 percent, hydrocarbon particles from onshore air pollution is about 13 percent, and natural seepage from the seafloor is a little over 8 percent. Of the
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These spills present immediate harm to deep and coastal fishing. The toxic effects contaminate and kill the fish along with other food species. This affects the long-term food chain for the deep and coastal wildlife, which also has a huge impact on commercial fishing. This covered pelicans with oil, covered sea turtles that washed up on the shore, dead fish floating on top of the ocean surface, dolphins extremely ill, and seabirds not able to fly due to oil covering their feathers. Effects of the oil spill can also be detected on the eggs of birds that feed in the Gulf. Scientist detected that pelicans from Minnesota, were laying eggs that had chemicals that lead to developmental and reproductive issues. Beneath the surface of the ocean, the oil spills can wipe out microscopic plankton, microbes, and fish larvae. The oil spills also affected the corals and the coral species that take time to grow. Deformities of wildlife like shrimp, which is a huge economic resource for the South, have been reported for the last couple of years. These long-term toxic effects destroy the marine wildlife by interrupting the food chain and reproductive processes.
Not only does the oil spills affect the ocean wildlife; it also affects humans health also. Concerns have been raised for the workers that help in oil spill pick-ups. These workers are in direct contact with the oil and dispersants that can cause harmful effects on physical and mental
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