Pollution and Environment Essay - We Must Find a Balance Between Man and Nature

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We Must Find a Balance Between Man and Nature "America's beauty is truly unmatched by anything I have seen!" I thought with excitement and ecstasy when I first witnessed the splendor of American landscape. The majestic forests and azure lakes have surpassed the stories I heard while growing up. However, a puzzling sight hampered my sense of admiration when I arrived in New Mexico. Though the steppe around me was untouched, "No Littering" and "Save the Earth" signs seemed to be everywhere. It puzzled me why so much effort was put into preserving a land already pristine. At the time, I knew only of the splendor of American landscape and felt that it was only natural for people to preserve the pervasive gem I had witnessed. Gradually, I…show more content…
Albert Einstein once said, "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." With the rapid evolution in technology today, humans have not always considered the concatenate effects of the new inventions. The creation of the steam engine, the utilization of fossil fuel, and the production of chlorofluorocarbons have all aided humanity but have also caused deterioration to the environment. It is unfortunate that most inventions arrive with adverse effects, but it is a problem that humanity must conquer. Perhaps it is the mistakes of the past that fuel for the desire to preserve the present. Numerous citizens have realized that nature provides us with a multitude of physical and emotional support difficult to find elsewhere. The awe-inspiring Yellowstone National Park is a prime example of a positive human intervention and a supreme triumph for conservationists. This grand sanctuary for endangered animals not only provides scientists with insight into the future of human evolution, but it also furnishes priceless assets such as the golden, spirit-enlightening sunsets and the sweet, rejuvenating aroma of coniferous trees. Despite the cost of conservation and maintenance, keeping a portion of the world free from our direct influence brings gratification to many people and is well worth the effort. Yet the line between preservation and human expansion should be drawn at natural reserves. Nature should only be safeguarded when

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