Pollution and Society

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Pollution and Society *By Osanyinpeju* Aisha We all know that pollution in our world effects two essential aspects of our planet: air and water. Although their pollutants are emitted in completely different ways, they both harm living organisms. Air pollution is predominately emitted though the exhaust of motor vehicles and the combustion of fossil fuels, whereas water pollution is the result of industrial waste and environmental accidents. Our society knows that pollution is harmful and a serious problem for Earth but generally people dont care. Nevertheless everybody needs to contribute to prevention and pay attention to government control in the amount of material large industries can emit into the air and/or water. Industry gives …show more content…
As with carbon monoxide, nature emits greater amounts of these gases than humans do. The leading natural causes include the decomposition of soil, bacterial activity and lightning. Anthropogenic emissions are mostly due to the combustion of fuel. Natural air is composed of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, which dont react at normal temperatures, but can react if the temperature is hot enough (1300-2500 C). In these cases, the quantity of nitrogen oxides released varies depending on the temperature and the ratio of nitrogen to oxygen. The increasing use of nitrogenous fertilizers is among the reasons that emissions of N2O have been on the rise. Damage to plants by N2O has only been observed near nitric acid facilities and no evidence of NO damage has ever been seen outside the laboratory. It was concluded that the level of concentration of these gases is too low to cause significant problems at this time. The category of Sulfur Oxides mostly consists of sulfur dioxide, SO2. Sulfur trioxide, SO3, does exist but it doesnt stay in our atmosphere. Sulfur trioxide is very reactant with moisture (H2O) and forms sulfuric acid, H2SO4, one of the substances in acid rain. Unlike the two prior groups, the sulfur oxides are predominately emitted by humans. However, a fair amount of SO2 is produced in the atmosphere. Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S, is produced by the decay of organic matter, and then rises to the atmosphere where it oxidizes

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