Poltics in America - Without Tolerance, Nothing will be Accomplished

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Poltics in America - Without Tolerance, Nothing will be Accomplished

Donald Kaul, a Tribune Media Syndicate’s newspaper veteran of twenty five years, can be said to be famous for his often sarcastic but astute observations on everything from campaign reform to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." Occasionally a letter to the editor appears in the newspaper protesting his remarks, usually from a self-proclaimed, right-wing conservative calling him a "bleeding heart liberal." What exactly do these terms mean, however? Are they absolute in what they represent? In general, a conservative opposes social programs and government intervention in business practices. They usually stress Judeo-Christian values as a solution to most
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Often he criticizes issues with an unusual perspective, conveying his message with no fear of rebuke. One example of this is his criticism of William Bennett, the so-called "Virtue Police Chief," as being nothing more than "a pompous blowhard who is easily our single most overrated intellect." A person reading Kaul’s column for the first time may be surprised to discover the author is painfully blunt and to the point, unlike many writers who make desperate efforts not to offend anyone. Donald Kaul is a very sarcastic writer in general. Speaking still of Bennett, he further surprises the reader by saying, "It must be swell to be that much better than other people". What honesty! Being somewhat cynical myself when it comes to the media, I can give Kaul credit for saying what was on everyone else’s mind when they were too scared to do it themselves. An effective tactic when writing his columns is his use of rhetorical questions. In "Australia Takes its Shot at Gun Control," he expresses the pros of personal gun ownership:Well, yes, the Second Amendment does say thou shalt not register guns, doesn’t it? And the little old lady in the parking lot—my grandmother and yours—what is she to do when a thug of indeterminate ethnic origin accosts her and threatens her life and honor, if she can’t blow him away with her cunning little handgun?These
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