PolyProd's Management Information System: A Case Study

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Introduction Globalization has brought the world closer in communication, economics, politics, and especially business. The Internet and technological improvements have allowed instantaneous communication almost anywhere, and even poor women in India are using Smartphones to manage their banking portfolios. The idea of globalism continues to break down cultural barriers. As this continues it will be essential for organizations to not only understand, but embrace cultural differences and styles (Trebing & Estabrooks 2005). Clearly, the changing demands of global stakeholders require new ways of approaching divergent customer bases. There are differences in style, skill, education and attitude in every organization now accentuated when we think of the multi-national organization. In our case study, for instance, Roberta Jackson is an experience first-level manager employed by Polyprod's manufacturing and distribution division. She is actively trying to improve the current management information system (MIS), but while committed, realizes it will be a difficult job. Failure of her objective could cost the organization millions of dollars in direct expense as well as long-term market share losses. The basic task is to completely overhaul the documentation process and procedures. There are many challenges, and obstacles are the organization's resistance to change combined with trust and cultural issues. Continued reinvention of both the company's product line and industry

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