Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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Chivalier 2 POLYCYSTIC OVARIES SYNDROME By: Christina Chivalier Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS) is an ovulation disorder and infertility that occurs in many women. Polycystic ovaries syndrome dates back to 1845 where it was described in a French manuscript as being "changes in the ovaries". It was called "sclerocystic". Polycystic ovaries syndrome is a problem that occurs in with the ovaries. A "polycystic ovary is characterized as being a tough, thickened, shiny white covering overlying a layer of many small cysts just under the ovarian surface." (Thatcher, 10). That was the description that was found in the French manuscript and is still being used to this day for doctors to define polycystic ovaries. A wedge resection in…show more content…
The laboratory testings are when the doctor has you under go certain tests The uses of genetics in the blame of PCOS are difficult to study. There are many reasons why genetics are very complicated to study. These reasons are listed below. (Thatcher, 44) · "Lack of a universally accepted diagnosis of PCOS · Outward appearance (phenotype) can be vastly different despite similar genetic constitutions (genotype). · PCOS patients often come from small families with a limited number of sisters and brothers (sibs) to compare. · We are not sure what PCOS looks like in the male. · There has been no specific genetic marker for PCOS. · Problems in collection of family histories." Males can pass the PCOS gene down through there families just as much as a female can pass it on. There are some males that are more hairy than other males; these males have been shown to carry the PCOS gene. Studies also show that males that carry the PCOS gene are more likely to have a lowered sperm count. It is also mentioned that the males of PCOS are insulin resistant. Miscarriages happen more often among women that have PCOS. Miscarriages happen due to hormonal imbalance but when an altered hormonal environment makes Chivalier 5 the risk of a miscarriage more likely to occur. PCOS causes poor egg quality and that is the major reason of pregnancy loss.
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