Polygamy : A Socially Sanctioned Marriage

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Marriage is a publicly sanctioned union between two or more individuals. Marriage can be defined by how many people are involved, their sex and the roles they carry on. Polygamy is a well-known type of marriage and can be found in today’s society. Polygamy is a culturally sanctioned marriage involving more than two people. Most Americans today are used to monogamy, which is believed to be the traditional form of marriage between two individuals. Many Americans think that the majority of marriages practice monogamy but, studies show that polygamy outnumber monogamous cultures, therefore there are more marriages that practice polygamy than monogamy (Grabianowski). Polygamy can differ in many different cultures. In the Islamic tradition a…show more content…
For example, Oprah did an interview with a wife in a polygamist relationship, in the interview Valerie stated, "We have had jealousies and there have been those times and we can 't sugarcoat it and say that, 'Oh, it 's so perfect and we love it and we love everyone. ' You know, we all have our hard times just like any other people… We have a really good system where we work together with one another” (Ling). This shows that jealousy plays a huge role in polygamist marriages. To avoid complications many polygamist families, create a schedule to regulate which nights the husband sleeps and spends time with each wife. A polygamous family can create and unusual environment for children to be raised in. It could influence them to be in a polygamous relationship as well as expect men to be dominate in their future relationship. Being raised in a polygamous family can also create insecurities and conflict with females as they are exposed to it daily from their mothers. Polygamy in the United States is illegal in all states including Utah where most polygamists are located. “Few polygamists try to legally marry more than one wife. They may marry other wives in church ceremonies, but no marriage license exists” (Grabianowski). Because of the strict laws against polygamy, polygamist make sure that they do not officially marry more than one wife at a time. They usually marry and then divorce all but one wife and continue living and sleeping with them all. In the interview with

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