Polygamy And Marriage In Chad

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Polygamy is legal and completely common in Chad. Our- Africa lists on their website: “It is common in Chad for men to have more than one wife and large extended families of wives, children and other close relatives are the norm.” (“People & Culture.”). If I came from an extended family living in Chad, I would definitely not be getting the nutrition I need. Sure, there are more people in the family, bringing in a larger income as a whole, but there is also more people and children to be fed and income in Chad is nowhere near the amount of an average income in the U.S. Many young girls in Chad are married before they turn eighteen, mostly to older men. These older men probably already have many other wives as well as several children. I do not think as a wife in Chad you would feel as loved and cherished by your husband who is sharing his love with other women. This is a supportive reason as to why many girls do not finish school to get an education. Living in the United States, society has shown us to frown upon young marriages and pregnancies, which I do, but in Chad that is their culture and the norm for them. With my life here, I would never even begin to think about getting married when I am twenty years old, let alone younger than eighteen! The main reason for this is because I would still be in high school, then hopefully college, followed by a stable job and income so now I would be able to afford a wedding and family. To become a wife in Chad is much

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