Polygamy: Article Analysis

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Content and Coverage The audience for this newspaper article is general and directed to the overall population of men and women. The article does not provide anything out of depth that requires a higher understanding, it is a brief review on a documentary on polygamy. The information provided in the article is secondary in nature because it provides an analysis. The newspaper article provides a brief description of the documentary, ‘Bitter Honey,’ that it is discussing. The information regarding the topic of polygamy is very general (Webster). For someone writing a paper on any giving topic they should look for more in-depth information. General information doesn’t provide a full understanding of a certain topic. The page does not link to other reputable websites. For example, with regards to the topic of the impact of polygamy, one of the websites listed is Solid Essay and it has nothing to do with the topic and is not reputable in this sense. The website Solid Essay is a tool to help students with papers and is not a reasonable or reputable source to use (“College Essay Writing Service”). There are no bibliographies or list of cited references. However, there are some in-text hyperlinks (Webster). Timeliness…show more content…
It also includes a correction date at the bottom of the page listing, November 3, 2014. There are no formal citations listed for the article; however, there are some hyperlinks embedded within the text. Going through them by clicking, 3 out of the 4 links are working and one is broken. The one that is broken leads to the director of the documentary and a professional anthropologist from U.C.L.A named Robert Lemelson. As mentioned earlier, information for a topic paper related to the impacts of polygamy on family would need to be around 5 years old. The newspaper article is well within the time frame preferred for information on such topic assignment
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