Polygamy In Latter Day Saints

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Kine’s myriad of challenges stem from a young age. She faced an inappropriate sexual relationship with her secondary school teacher. This inappropriate relationship led to her failing the baccalaureate. As a result, she did not complete her schooling. Unfortunately, Kine’s troubles did not end there. She became pregnant and suffered abuse by her father. With a young child and incomplete formal education Kine had to work tirelessly to support her family.
As the manager of a petrol station, Kine faced disdain from wealthier patrons/expatriates. At one point, her daughter scorns her occupation. In addition, Kine is unmarried, but she faces the typical troubles of romantic relationships: awful ex’s, lying, cheating, etc..Jean, the man that is
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For example, polygamy is a widely condemned illegal practice in the United States. Although, there are some sects of communities, such as the Latter Day Saints, that accept the practice. In contrast, polygamy is not exactly commended, but is prevalent in Senegal. In the film, several male characters mentioned their multiple wives.
Another difference between the American and Senegalese conception of marriage is gender roles. It appears that in Senegalese culture women are to be subservient to their husband. In other words, Kine lives in a patriarchal society. The United States is also a patriarchal society. However, the U.S. has made some strides in women’s rights. Of course, there is room for improvement (i.e. misrepresentation in the media, violence against women, the wage gap, etc.). Lastly, American and Senegalese culture differ on the role of children in a marriage. In the U.S. it is not uncommon to see a married couple without children. Furthermore, an unmarried/separated parents have certain legal responsibilities in regards to child-rearing (i.e child support). As apparent in the film, parents have fewer legal responsibilities to their children or those responsibilities are not enforced by authorities. For example, Kine was disowned by her father at a young age and Aby’s father did not contribute to her
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