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When someone “pops the question”, he is normally knelt on one knee, the paradigm of a prince charming. The illusion is shattered when the proposal is not solely performed to one woman, but many. Then, it is not just one bride. It is one of an array of brides. Polygamy, obviously, still exists today. Though no religion mandates it, and it is, in fact, illegal in the United States, it is still a realized phenomenon. Popular occidental culture has veered away from this marriage style. Now a day, a typical westerner prefers monogamy. The emphasis is on the couple, not the several. Both essays, My Husband’s Nine Wives by Elizabeth Joseph and In Defense of Polygamy by B. Aisha Lemu, depict different situations involving polygamy, through a …show more content…
The whole situation is beneficial for all participants.
This might seem appealing to some working women who juggle children, work, and a spouse. The question still remains, however, what happens when the working woman returns home? The regular tradition of dinner might be kept intact, along with the dishwashing, and after dinner television time. The routine deviates from the normal when it comes time to hit the proverbial sack. Do the math, one husband, many wives, and one main bed. How does this special time and place get divided up? “Sleeping hours” are previously “booked” by the wives. This amounts to an equitable way of passing the husband around. In addition, sometimes, claims Joseph, “with the demands of career and the literal chasing after the needs of a toddler, all I want to do is collapse into bed and sleep” (770). Therefore, busy and exhausted, wife A can choose to be with her husband on the days when she is least busy, and not feel obliged to meet her husbands needs when she would rather pass out. In this way, Joseph seems to successfully argue the case of polygamy.
Joseph presents the reader with a picture of a functional polygamous family. There is a definite mother and father presence, a set routine and even marital bliss. I cannot envision this unraveling quite so ideally in actual practice. On paper, because

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