Polygraph Usage

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Polygraph Use i Should Polygraphs be used in Court Rooms as Admissible Evidence? Ebony Barr Psychology and the Legal System FP 6010 Professor Neely December , 2010 Polygraph Use ii Abstract Polygraph is widely rejected as pseudoscience by the scientific community. Prior to 1998 state and county courts allowed or could allow polygraph evidence to be admissible evidence to convict or prove guilt. Polygraphs should not be used in Court Rooms, the accuracy of the test have not and are yet to be proven. Because polygraphs are not accurate and can be manipulated they should not be used in pretrial or during the trial. Polygraphs affect the mental health world because most scientists do not rely on them or…show more content…
Rule 707 was the evidentiary rule focused on in the case. Rule 707 serves the legitimate interest of ensuring that only reliable evidence is introduced. Here the decision turned on the issue of whether the defendant is impaired by not being able to use the results from the polygraph to prove his innocence and to lay the foundation for the reliability on the results. In this case, Rule 707 did not implicate a sufficiently weighty interest of the accused to raise a constitutional concern under this Court’s precedents. The three cases principally relied upon by the Court of Appeals, Rock v. Arkansas, 483 U.S. 44, 55, Washington v. Texas, 388 U.S. 14, 23, and Chambers v. Mississippi, 410 U.S. 284, 302—303, which did not support a right to introduce polygraph evidence, even in very narrow circumstances. The exclusions of evidence there declared unconstitutional significantly undermined fundamental elements of the accuser’s defense. That was not the circumstances in US v. Scheffer, where the court members heard all the relevant details of the charged offense from respondent’s perspective, and Rule 707 did not preclude him from introducing any factual evidence, but merely barred him from introducing expert opinion testimony to bolster his own credibility. Polygraph
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