Polykleitos’ Bearer and Laocoon and His Sons Essay

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Polykleitos’ Bearer and Laocoon and His Sons

Polykleitos’ is a Roman statue. It is made out of marble and it is 6 feet 6 inches tall. The statue is of a male who looks to be athletic someone who works out. The statue is standing in a contrapuntal position; it has its left leg slightly bent witch causes his foot not to be flat on the platform under him. That position helps the statue stay balance. It is not rigid. The statue has no facial expression. It is serious. It eyes are deep and expressionless. The statue’s head is facing to the left. His right arm is bent half way and his hands are balled up into a fist his hips are leaning towards the left side to help give him balance. His left arm is straight down by his side. It
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There is an exception to this and that is his shins. His shin is very exaggerated. It is very elongated. The tip of his shins is square like. It sort of reminds me of an elephant’s trunk. As far as clothing goes he seams to be wearing a cloth that is tied on his head. This makes his head appear almost square like. Due to the cloth he has on his head it makes it seam as if he has long hair.

Queen Khamerembty II, which is his wife, is standing in a more naturalistic position. She is not as rigid as he is. She seams more relaxed. Her right is somewhere behind his back and her left arm is bend at her elbow and she is holding his Mankaure’s left arm. She has on a blouse and a long skirt almost up to her ankles. The clothing that she is wearing is tight fitting to the body. The shapes of her body especially the genital area and the stomach is very well outlined so that you are able to distinguish their shapes and sizes.

In contrast Kuya preaching is made out of wood and it is a single male. It is 46 inches tall. He has no hair on his head if you just concentrate on his face it look as if he is deep in thought or meditating. His face also shows the sign of aging. He has six little Buddha’s coming out of his mouth. On the left hand he has a walking stick. One of his knees is straight. If you look at his cloths they are not straight on his body. He is standing in a contrapuntal position. His legs are spread apart. This man was a munk and
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