Polymer Drug And Its Effects

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Polymer drug conjugates as the name would suggest, are systems where drug molecules are chemically conjugated onto long chain polymers via covalent linkages. At the moment there over fourteen polymer-drug conjugates that have made it through the rigorous clinical evaluation, these are based on polyglutamic acid (PGA)-paclitaxel conjugates (CT-2303, OPAXIO®, initially known as Xyotax®) (Greco and Vicent 2009). Polymer–drug conjugates hold the potential to protect the drug from early degradation, inhibit drug from prematurely release with the biological setting and improve the absorption of the drugs into the tissues (by means of improved permeability and retaining effected or active targeting). Drugs molecules possess the ability to be…show more content…
A PEG-DTX derivative (NKTR-105; Nektar Therapeutics, San Francisco, CA) has entered Phase clinical trial on patients with solid tumors including hormone-refractory’. Ernsting et al. (cited in Paramjot et al. (2015) shows that the design of a polymer conjugate (Cellax_) consisting of acetylated carboxymethylcellulose, DTX and PEG has been reported. The results in vitro and in vivo studies established that the conjugate improved the pharmacokinetics, biodistribution and antitumor effectiveness of DTX over Taxotere, with minimal toxicity. Polymer-drug conjugates have become a fast developing field, with several polymer conjugates systems heading for clinical trials monthly. Results from these clinical trials have shown that the advantage of these systems far outweigh the parent drug indicating few side effects, easy drug administration, advanced therapeutic effectiveness and enhanced patient acceptance. Larson and Ghandehari (2012) indicate also that polymer-drug conjugates offer the opportunity for drug delivery in a controlled manner. In contributing to the advantage of polymer conjugation to the patient. Vicent and Duncan (2006) state that polymer conjugation extends plasma half-life by ensuring the prevention of 'renal elimination and avoidance of
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