Polymeric Materials Essay

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Polymeric materials has made enormous contributions in industrial era, from polyamide fibers to polyester fabrics, rubbers products used in second world war, invention of high performance and high temperature fluoropolymers, biologically derived resins, biodegradable polymeric materials, biocompatible medical plastics, natural and nanocomposite materials are list of evidences that made vital role in these past industrial evolution. These materials though broadly helped many industries, few industries are utilized polymeric materials extensively through its extensive new products . Primarily, medical industry application like chemical resistance and biocompatible materials helped to develop plastic syringe, disposable blood storage…show more content…
The important example for actively functional material is printable electronics, where printed microchips are used to sense, monitor and collect information like environmental conditions, biological information, product usage details and getting back these information as data form through RFID, cloud computing and other network services. The another example for self intelligence materials is development of coating and paint surfaces to understand the application need as its own, like self-cleaning the coated surface as needed, changing interior wall paint colors based on mood lighting and surrounding environment, pollutants absorbing wall paints from surrounding air, self altered optical reflectivity films to provide functional features in consumer electronics and other applications. Specific types of materials and its application will be discussed in coming sections. 2.0 Polymeric Materials and Compounds: Functional Materials The days of doing research to improve mechanical and thermal like basic properties by adding nanofillers, surface modified long fibers, developing polymer blend system are becoming regular activities for manufacturers. The innovation need and ongoing research in polymeric materials are multi-functional and highly value creating for new product innovation, which can lead a new business and market growth. For example, recent past years, LED bulb market has seen significant growth, due to low cost manufacturing and highly energy
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