Polythene Pollution

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POLYTHENE POLLUTION INTRODUCTION The pollutants that are of major concern in today’s world are non biodegradable pollutants that do not degrade or degrade very slowly in the natural environment. Polythene pollution is an example of non biodegradable pollution and they persist on our earth years after years affecting even future generation. Polythene pollution is mostly created by polythene bags, plastic syringe, pesticide containers, medicinal bottles. [pic] Effects of Polythene Pollution Polythene pollution has widespread and myriads of effects on ecosystem: • Polythene pollution through biomagnifications enters the food chain and increases along the trophic levels. • Polythene obstructs the drains, natural water…show more content…
Steps to Combat Polythene Pollution • Plastic polythene bags must be banned altogether or by levying tax on plastic bags, polythene pollution may be checked. • Polythene materials may be considered for recycling. Very few fractions of polythene containers can be recycled like polythene containers for soft drink, milk, water bottles. • People must be encouraged to use wax paper instead of polyethylene products, to use cloth or hemp or jute or paper bags instead of plastic bags. • More public awareness has to be created explaining about the harmful impact of polythene pollution. Advantages and Disadvantages of Polythene: Polythene is mainly used for the packaging purposes. Polythene is found to be a lightweight material. It’s also defined as a thermoplastic material. This polythene is mainly made from the substance called ethylene. These also having many of the properties for the composition. This is mainly used for the consumer products. Polythene is having many advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of Polythene The advantages of polythene are given below, • Polythene has one of the advantages of lightweight material, which is mainly used for the packaging purposes. • Polythene also finds an important component in the spoilage of food. In reduces the food wastage. • The Polythene ducting is very much suitable for the air coolers, fans, heater equipment, and air handling
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