Pom+ Status Report

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Project Number: 4a Project manager: Project priority now: 1 Status as of: July 16, 2015 Earned value figures: PV EV AC SV CV BAC VACf $691,040.00 $497,369.33 $571,200.00 ($193,670.67) ($73,830.67) $1,692,000.00 1,371,965.74 EAC VAC EACf CPI PCIB PCIC TCPI 1,943,171.73 ($251,171.73) 3,063,965.74 .8707 .2939 .2939 1.07 Project description: Big Kola Company is a soda company which has been slowly losing business to specialized fruit drink markets. In an effort to actively compete with them and regain their customers the CEO has requested that they venture into that market. After much research they have decided on three high margin antioxidant based drinks. They include: cranberry, blueberry,…show more content…
With the “Need Survey” being the only item that started on time it ending late triggered this extension. Project Activities Performance: After analyzing these factors it’s fair to judge what went well and what didn’t. On the positive side, the project started on time with regards to the “Need Survey”. In addition the item “Nutrition Report” was under budget by $1,900, which represents a savings for the project that could either be allocated elsewhere or simply counted as additional funds. When considering factors that didn’t go well as far as schedule the project took a steep hit. While the initial item started on time, it ended two days later than was initially planned. This meant that “Set product Specs” was 2 days late starting. With this project each line item has a predecessor. This means that they cannot start until the previous item is finished. With this every portion of the project was late starting and threw the entire project off. With regards to the cost “Need Survey” was over budgeted by $6,400 and “Set product spec” was over budgeted by $11,520. Within the Big Kola Project there were a number of calculations that needed to be made to fully analyze the earned value and other key-deciding factor for the success of the project as well as completion of the status report.  PCIB: Percent Complete Index = EV (Earned Value) BAC (Budget Cost at Completion) =$497,369 =
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