Pomodoro Ltd: Case Study

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Pomodoro. Ltd. HR White Paper Contents I. Introduction 2 II. Equal Opportunity Statement 2 III. Zero Tolerance Anti-Harassment Policy 3 What Is Sexual Harassment? 3 IV. Disabilities 5 V. Drug-Free Workplace 6 Introduction Pomodoro strives to be an industry leader in the treatment of our staff. Each and every person in our human resources team will be treated as Pomodoro's most valuable asset. This policy guide has been prepared to outline the company's policies towards employment related policies and regulations. The procedures, practices, and policies are intended to create a safe work environment that will let our employees flourish. Therefore Pomodoro has a strict no-tolerance policy toward all forms of harassment for the protection of the entire organization and its members. This manual will outline some of the key features of the human resources policies for both the U.S. divisions as well as the divisions around the world. Equal Opportunity Statement Pomodoro, Ltd., has a clear stance on diversity which entails equal employment opportunities (EEO) for all applicants without concern for ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, disabilities, or any other factor for selection that applies to the EEO policy. This is applicable in every location in which the company operates. Not only does this apply to the hiring process, but also to all company functions. Zero Tolerance Anti-Harassment Policy Pomodoro,

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