Pompeii : How It Was Affected By The Eruption Of Vesuvius

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This will be a research report on Pompeii, how it was affected by the eruption of Vesuvius and how it was designed. Pompeii was a town in Italy and would soon to become disrupted by many disasters, and an even bigger event to follow. The eruption of Vesuvius would terrify shock and kill thousands of people living in the town, perhaps only a handful of townsfolk had survived that fateful day. Many tried to escape the ash, hiding in house corners, believing that they would be safe, or running towards the shores where boats were located, but the majority of people had died on that day. Pompeii, a medium sized town, was located about ninety miles south of Rome. Pompeii was founded in six-hundred B.C. in front of Mount Vesuvius, which stood approximately six-thousand, five-hundred feet from the ground into the air. Apparently, nobody in the town was well aware that Vesuvius was an active volcano; they didn’t even know that it was a volcano until the huge eruption of Vesuvius, leaving thousands to die. Pompeii is located on a plateau that was created by lava flow from volcanoes around the area, then hardening to create a rock substance. The city of Pompeii was built from north to south, Vesuvius being on the north end of the town. Vesuvius offered rich, fertile land that was suitable for growing healthy vegetation, then would be harvested and sorted out to eat later. Southwards of Pompeii gently flowed, the river of Sarnus, this river was very crucial towards the economic life

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