Pompey And His Extraordinary Influence

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Laurel Frick Magistra Hickey Latin I 24 April 2017 Pompey and His Extraordinary Influence Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, better known as Pompey, once said, “More people worship the rising than the setting sun.” He transformed the last generation of the Roman Republic forever. He solved many of Rome’s problems. Pompey was a great military and political figure.Need a specific thesis statement Gnaeus Pompeius was born in 106 BCE. Gnaeus was born during the time of political tension between Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla. His father was Pompeius Strabo, who was a wealthy military leader in Rome. Strabo was not popular amongst the people, however he was a military general and was suitable for the job needed to be done. Strabo was…show more content…
This is perfect for Pompey, because since the beginning, Pompey’s role model was the Famous Alexander the Great. Nowadays, Pompey is known to be the Roman Alexander. Sometimes, Pompey’s young age kept him from leveling up his position. He was too young to be a senator, but authorities were eager to bend the rules so he could be one. However, he refused in order to exaggerate his rank. Pompey marries his third wife Mucia in 79 BC. Together, they bore three children: Pompeia (daughter), Sextus (son), and Gnaeus (son). In 81 BC, Sulla named himself dictator of Rome. Dictatorship was established during the times of Hannibal, 135 years before. Dictatorship was intended to last 6 months in intense crisis. However, when Sulla announced himself dictator, there was no time limit. This is argued to be the beginning of the fall of the Roman Republic; when the strive of power became more desired over keeping the Republic in tact. Sulla became ‘Dictator of for the Reconstruction of State’. Unlike Marius, Sulla was more interested in the Aristocracy, than the regular poor people. In 79, Sulla retired from public life and raced against death to finish his memoirs. Sulla died of an ulcer in 78. Pompey is in charge of Sulla’s funeral. On page 35 of Pompey The Roman Alexander by Peter Greenhalgh it says, “He therefore put the whole weight of his influence behind Catulus, won over the majority of Lepidus’ supporters by a combination of threats and entreaties,

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