Pompeyo Family Research Paper

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Viewers of America’s Got Talent might want the reality show to go to the dogs...literally. The Pompeyo Family returns once again to the stage, this time for a live show, to offer a special performance by their four-legged family members. The very first introduction to the Pompeyo Family had fans wondering if this act could make it all the way. Obviously the dogs are talented (and so is the family). Would people actually go to Las Vegas to watch this act in action? The overwhelming response from the viewers at home have turned heads. After the first impression, there isn’t any doubt this act could be a huge draw at Sin City. Animal performances have alway held a special place in the hearts of the AGT viewers. Offering up how dogs can learn new tricks, any four-legged animal has a leg up when compared to the family pets. While many of the animal acts don’t get far in the competition, they are some of the most popular AGT videos watched online.…show more content…
Well, the viewers of the reality show see not one or two dogs on stage, but more. Each animal appears to have their own tricks followed up by a group performance with all the dogs. It’s quite spectacular and definitely unique when it all comes together on stage. When this act comes on stage, the reality show happily goes to the
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