Pony Express Case Study

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Johnson i The Pony Express
THESIS: Three men in the mid-1800s had an idea to open up a mail delivery system that reached from the Midwest all the way to California. I. Introduction II. Background Information
A. History
B. What they did III. History And Myth
A. Stereotypes
B. Conflicts IV. Pony Express Articles
A. Facts about the author
B. When was it published
V. Conclusion

Johnson 1
Kendra Johnson
General English IV

The Pony Express Three men in the mid-1800s had an idea to open up a mail delivery system that reached from the midwest all the way from California. (Russell, William) The lack of speedy communication between the midwest and the west. The Pony Express employed about eight hundred to five hundred to carry these riders from one post to the next. ( Monthly pay for these riders was fifty dollars, which were good wages at the time. Although this method of carrying mail was dangerous and difficult. In reference to, the Carrying Method mail was dangerous and difficult, but was made for one destination. The founders of Pony Express line found that they were bankrupt.Even though the pony express company was no longer operating, its logo lived on when wells fargo purchased it and used it from 1866 until 1890 in their fright and stagecoach. Nineteen months after launching the pony express it was replaced by the biggest telegraph line ever. Everyone that rode a horse avoided the heavy snow. Pony Bob Halsam was the holder of the record for the longest and fastest run in history on the celebrated run in may 1860,began at friday’s station on the southwest shore of the lake tahoe and took the route to buckland’s station. Having ridden some 190 miles Halsam in the essence turned around and went right back, this time replacing a rider who did not show up and Indians came along the way. In the end he traveled about 360 miles (580) km in 40 hours. However, everyday in Spring at the pony express causes on legendary Cross-Country mail ride at the wide with the california
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