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I landed hard on the asphalt, I probably bruised my ass, as if I didn’t have enough from Yaqui beating me up. I stood up. Where was I? Was I still asleep? I pinched myself, no I was definitely awake. I looked around, I was in a parking lot. There was nobody around, wait! There were some people I ran over hoping that they knew where the heck I was. I stopped short these were boys about my age maybe a bit older and they looked like they were in a fight. The fight seemed unfair because it was four against two, I wanted to help, but I didn’t know what I could do. I watched as one of the older boys pushed one of the two not as well dressed boy’s head into a fountain. He was drowning him! His buddies were laughing. “Ponyboy!” The other boy who I…show more content…
The Johnny gasped and turned white as a ghost then red with rage. While all of the other boys were looking at the Ponyboy who was drowning, Johnny pulled a knife out of his back pocket, I gasped I knew what he was going to do seconds before he did it. “Wait!” I screamed, but the boy didn’t even acknowledge me. I turned around, I couldn’t watch. This reminded me too much of Yaqui beating me up, but this was different, these boys fought unlike we did. The way we fought it wasn’t killing each other or anything like that, but it was almost worse. Being humiliated in front of the whole school. Both Ponyboy and I got hurt though mine was both mentally and physically. The only other thing that I could see that connected our two lives was that we both fought back. Well actually Johnny fought for Ponyboy, but it’s pretty much the same, in the end the bullies both got what they deserved. No, that’s not true, nobody (even Yaqui Delgado) deserves to die. By the time I turned back around the boys were driving away in their car and the boy who had been killed was slumped on the ground not moving. The other boy; Johnny was helping to pull his friend; Ponyboy out of the water
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