Pooch: An Analysis Essay

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Name: Vi Le
Department & Course number: ENGL – 381
Professor’s name: José Navarro
Assignment #1
Date: January 27th, 2015
Self-definition for integration
Richard Rubio, a protagonist in Pocho, written by José Antonio Villarreal, loves reading, and he is always looking for reasonable answers for any questions. Richard finds that the growth in his mind has not come from his Mexican family tradition and culture but from reading and thinking rationally. He has an independent look in family relations, friends, religions, teachers, and society rather than listening and accepting what his family members and other people tells him. To define himself in an alien culture, he negates the Mexican tradition of his father’s world which is insularity in a
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As time goes by, Richard's faith weakens, and eventually he stops going to church altogether. He tells his mother that he “no longer believes in God,” and he believes that in his way he is “a better Christian than most Christians” he knows (Villarreal 173). Richard refuses to go along with Consuelo’s fantasy, and after Juan Rubio, his father, leaves their house, he decides to stay with his mother and sisters if he chooses. He does not plan to stay forever and support the family since he does not “belong here anymore,” and he does not “even belong in this town anymore, and when the time comes that” he wants to go to school, he will do so (Villarreal 172).
His mother goes into a sort of mourning, feeling lost both of her men forever. From then on,
Richard realizes a way to reject the comforts of religious belief to be assimilated into community. I believe his independent thinking is based on truth and logic through reading.
Richard admits that he has doubts in everything the priests and his teachers say because their words do not to make sense to him, and they are lack of testimony. Richard wants to have faith in God and anything God says, but he is a very inquisitive, thoughtful little boy, and he usually makes his teachers, priests, and parents uncomfortable with his many questions.
Consuelo worries about him, and she says that he contains the devil and accuses him that he has caused the death of his stillborn sibling. Richard feels terribly guilty,
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