Pooh : Pooh And The Great Online Shopping Festival

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Piglet: Pooh! Why are you late today?
Pooh: I was shopping?
Piglet: Huh? Shopping?!?
Pooh: Yes. Haven’t you heard about the Great Online Shopping Festival?
Piglet: Ooooh. No!
Pooh: 3 days of unadulterated crazy shopping. 80% discounts! It’s fun!
Piglet: Oh. What did you buy?
Pooh: Honey. Loads.

3 days. 450 retailers. More than 30 categories. Discounts up to 80%.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to 3 days of forget-everything-just-shopping experience. The GOSF, launched as a single day online festival in 2012, came back in 2014, bigger and better. Number of participating retailers was up by almost 100%, and visitors increased by more than 120%. Taking a cue from last year, revenues will see an uptrend of at least 3.5 times.
What was new this
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However, this isn’t an original concept. Cyber Monday, originated in U.S. in 2005, is the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in U.S. In 2013, its sales touched $2.29 billion. In almost a decade, it has become an internationally famous concept and is observed by various countries across the globe like Brazil, UK, Portugal Germany, UAE, Japan etc.
Similar to Cyber Monday is the Black Friday concept. The Friday after Thanksgiving is observed as Black Friday and is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in U.S. In 2014, $50.9 billion worth of sales was recorded during the holiday.

All seems hunky dory. Everybody is happy. The retailers are happy-they get more visits and sales. The neighbor hood aunty is happy-she got the cheapest bed sheets available without braving the cold winter winds or the huge traffic jams. The affiliated industries like logistics and courier delivery are happy-burgeoning-is the word that aptly describes them.

However, let’s take a closer look at what makes these online sales so attractive.

1. We have nothing much to do- A recent survey by Ericson found that an average Indian spends around 8 hours on the Internet and 3 hours on their smartphones. With the popular shopping apps giving us updates and pings about new discounts everyday-there is no stronger lure.

2. Hefty Discounts: Inflation is soaring. Your salary account is consistently near the minimum balance. Prices of
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