Pool Operator, Records And Plans

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Pool Operations
Pool Operator, Records and Plans
The pool operator has appropriate training for maintaining and operating the pool. In addition, the operator was also the only caretaker of the pool and was knowledgeable and active with the pool safety plan and pool records. To illustrate this, the operator knew where the safety equipment were located in the pool area; how to balance and maintain the pool water; and performed the regular maintenance and cleaning of the pool. Also, the Fraser Health fecal accident response guidelines, accident report forms, and pool record forms were included with the pool plans and records. As the caretaker, he performed the required chemical tests for the water and performed each test at the correct frequency according to the pool regulations. Furthermore, his results for the test were in agreement with my test results at the pool inspection. Above all, it is important to keep and maintain these records and plans for the pool. Records can show if there are any problems with the pool that need remediating such as low chlorine concentrations and plans can guide employees how to operate in a certain situation such as fecal accidents. Moreover, it can be used to train new employees should the original caretaker pass on the responsibilities to others. However, regardless of the aforementioned reasons maintaining and using these plans and records will help preserve the health and safety of pool patrons (Fraser Health, 2012). Pool Water…
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