Pool Operator, Records And Plans

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Pool Operations Pool Operator, Records and Plans The pool operator has appropriate training for maintaining and operating the pool. In addition, the operator was also the only caretaker of the pool and was knowledgeable and active with the pool safety plan and pool records. To illustrate this, the operator knew where the safety equipment were located in the pool area; how to balance and maintain the pool water; and performed the regular maintenance and cleaning of the pool. Also, the Fraser Health fecal accident response guidelines, accident report forms, and pool record forms were included with the pool plans and records. As the caretaker, he performed the required chemical tests for the water and performed each test at the correct…show more content…
The turn over period and its calculation for this commercial pool is 160000 G/ 250 GPM/ 60 min/hour, which equals to a 10 hour turnover rate and is in compliance with the acceptable turnover of 1 in every 12 hours for commercial pools. Main Drain and Skimmers The main drain and skimmers were functional at the pool facility. The main drain cover was visible and secured in place with no cracks on the cover. Even though the main drain is important for the recirculation system, entrapment hazards can exist because of them (Ministry of Health, 2014; National Swimming Pool Foundation, 2014). An entrapment hazard is a serious public health concern in a pool because it can lead to death. There are 5 types of entrapment hazards that can occur in a pool: hair, limb, body, evisceration, and mechanical entrapment. Hair entrapment occurs when the hair entangles beyond the main drain cover. Limb entrapment occurs when a limb is held by the suction from the main drain or being physically stuck in the main drain. Body entrapment occurs when the body forms a seal over the main drain, resulting in the suction holding the body to the cover. Evisceration entrapment occurs when the gluteus maximus forms a seal over the main drain and the resulting suctions pulls the rectum out. Lastly, mechanical entrapment occurs when something attached to the pool patron gets caught with any bound structure in the pool water, including the main drain
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