Poop Patrol

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The Poop Patrol, LLC is a new company which supporting a fast growing industry in the Charleston Country area. The United States is a pet-friendly country but there are numerous health risks with improperly pet waste disposal or cleanup. Additionally, the pet waste disposal market has been unsaturated since pet waste removal inception in the early 1970’s (Dubner, 2005). According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs in homes around the U.S. (Dray, n.d.). Modern studies reveal that pet waste can wash into storm water runoff; contaminate freshwater supply and local sewer systems, which will pose severe health risk to humans (Environmental Protection Agency, 2001). With the pet population…show more content…
Symptoms include vision loss, rash, fever, or cough. (NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Watershed Management, n.d.)
With the abovementioned issues, Poop Patrol, LLC has the needed relief for pet owners and local businesses.
Poop Patrol will provide an extensive array of removal services to Charleston County market, which includes: one-time deep cleaning; daily or flexible waste pick-up services; kennel/city-park cleanup or single-family homes. Although Poop Patrol will provide extensive services to Charleston County, our target customers would be Home-Owner Associations, government organizations, and single-family residences.
Charleston County and the surrounding area would benefit from carefree waste removal services as well as the recycling advantages from profitable organic matter and nutrients, notably phosphorus (Molinos-Senante, 2011). Dog feces have higher concentrations of phosphorus than cow or swine feces. Additionally, phosphorus is a non-renewable source, which is vital for agricultural production. Furthermore, in the nature, there is no substitute for phosphorus and Poop Patrol would be able to sale the raw or processed phosphorus to agricultural
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