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Mktg 586 Advertising Exam 2 Summer 2013
1. Which of the following statements is true according to the Hirschman study about the creative people involved in advertising? A. They view ads as promotional tools whose primary purpose is to communicate favorable impressions to the marketplace. B. They are more risk averse than the brand managers. C. They prefer making conservative commercials. D. They believe a commercial should be evaluated in terms of whether it fulfills the client's marketing and communicative objectives. E. They want to maximize the impact of the message. 2. _____ is the ability to generate fresh, unique and appropriate ideas that can be used as solutions to communication problems. A. A unique selling plan (USP) B.
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13. According to McCann-Erickson's concept of emotional bonding, the most basic relationship a consumer has with a brand is how he or she thinks about the: A. emotional ties he or she has with the product and/or brand. B. brand personality. C. product benefits. D. self-actualization motives for purchasing. E. self-esteem motives that will be affected by the purchase. 14. Research shows consumers perceive Miller beer as strong, bold, and adventurous. This is an example of how consumers assign a _____ to a brand. A. product rank B. personality C. product features D. unique selling proposition E. market rank 15. Hershey's advertises heavily around Christmas with ads that show only a picture of red, green and silver wrapped Hershey Kisses chocolate. Hershey's is using _____ advertising. A. transformational B. reminder C. rational D. emotional integration E. teaser 16. When Ford Motor Company was preparing to introduce a new model, ads were run for several weeks that talked about the new car but never showed it. This is an example of _____ advertising. A. reminder B. transformational C. teaser D. emotional E. cognitive 17. When a person speaks on the behalf of a product or service based on his or her personal use of and/or experiences with it, a(n) _____ execution is being used. A. dramatization B. slice-of-life C. animation D. demonstration E. testimonial

18. Marlboro used a cowboy to advertise Marlboro cigarettes for a number of years. This is an example of:

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