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I have waited a long time to finally say how poor care is in my area. Many doctors seem to think the consumer is there to serve them rather than vice versa. Some expect you to stay on medications that make you feel seriously ill all the time. When you can't see in sunlight and your hair starts falling out because of (non-cancer) medicine, I would consider that a serious problem. I quit as many of them as I could and I feel much better. At one point, doctors had me on so many medications that my judgment was severly off and I thought these medications were supposed to help me. I believe they almost killed me. Doctors have the advantage in the legal system.
Many doctors here are in a rural area because of educational incentives
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That does not make much sense to me. He does not even know which patient is on which medication; you have to correct him. What if I had to be hospitalized again? I guess that's just more money for them and their hospital friends. Some doctors here practice "cookbook" medicine and never use their intuition or common sense. Some do not like to be questioned and are vindictive, give inaccurate diagnoses or cause or create problems in your life. They knew about liability before going into the profession, so what is the problem? Scarcety of professionals, prestige, substandard training, who knows?
I am tired of doctors trying to invent more sicknesses in patients by emotionally scaring them to be treated, sounds like the television commercials that advertise pharmaceuticals. Medical care prices are exorbitant for this part of the country and the doctors, nurses, and hospitals take full advantage of insurance with unnessary office visits, treatments, tests, and procedures.
The choices for mental health treatment here are seriously lacking, the doctors unknowledgeable and the choices for physical health are not that much better. Gone are the days when we trusted the doctor. Now you need to be wary of them, like "ambulance
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