Poor Clare Research Paper

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The Poor Clare’s Monastery in New Orleans, Louisiana take a lot of their ideals and lifestyle choices from the life of Saint Clare of Assisi, a close friend of Saint Francis of Assisi. These sisters’ main ideals are living a life of prayer, community, and joy. They also believe that every sister should embrace uniqueness of the monastery and their own personality. There are many Poor Clare Nuns in the world, but each monastery is unique in its operations and daily life. The Poor Clare Sisters of New Orleans are very typical ladies. They conduct Tuesday morning meanings in the library to make sure the monastery is running smoothly. They discuss important issues, listen to each other's opinions, and address needs of the monastery. On a lighter note, the sisters celebrate birthdays much like the rest of society. They eat cake made from scratch, and the pictures suggest a sort of feast is held for the occasion. They are encouraged to be themselves, and that can be shown through their artistic abilities like music, crafting, cooking, or otherwise. The rose garden at the monastery is the perfect place to relax and express themselves while being in the presence of the beauty of nature. The nuns in the monastery each have their own simple living quarters consisting of one bed, one desk, one chair, and one dresser. Since they…show more content…
The sisters at the Poor Clare’s Monastery produce ceramics, paintings, ornaments (often picturing local buildings), rosaries, and occasionally shrines to sell in their gift shop. The busiest time for the gift shop is Christmas time because people tend to buy gifts for loved ones. The sisters also provide counseling in person or on the phone to those who need it. Although, that is not a way that they acquire profit. Most of the money required to run the monastery comes from major donors who support this order of nuns
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