Poor Class And Homeless People

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As a nonprofit organization arise focuses on predominantly poor class and homeless people. One of the major issues they contend with his homelessness and domestic violence victim cases, leading to more complex situations the employees of arise work with to find housing and benefits. One thing to note about arise is every single one of the original mothers were all single and depending on welfare benefits in addition to themselves every woman also had children needed to find employment which covered French food utilities and clothing for their children. Coming from the perspective of poor class residents themselves they had personally experienced the social injustice women face if they do not know the language in the right questions to ask in order to receive an offense. One of the missions of arise not only is it to help poor class people but they also use the education they personally gained from first-hand experiences with others in order to help them assist in getting their needs met in addition to feeling empowered and getting something accomplished that prior to the assistance of arise is not possible. When considering class economics of an organization led by women, you are also contending with a historical class of people who have always been paid less than their male counterparts. By developing an understanding of the complex language of the state court and federal systems these women to Caucasian into African-American were able to build a community and network
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