Poor Control Of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a complex metabolic disease that I was diagnosed with over 10 years ago. It would have been nice to know that diabetes would be my new best friend and I would have to become an expert on all the medications, challenges and statistics. A difficult lesson to learn is that well controlled diabetes will allow you to live a relatively normal life, and poorly controlled diabetes leads to complications and serious health risks. Poor control of diabetes is a very common statistic. You feel like your body is failing you, and diabetes takes over your life and your health. The biggest challenge that no one is prepared for with a diagnosis of diabetes is how it makes you feel both physically and emotionally. I have Type I adult onset diabetes that is poorly controlled and it makes me feel unhealthy, dependent, and out of control.
I have poorly controlled diabetes it causes me to feel very unhealthy. One of my main issues is the nearly constant feeling of exhaustion. This feeling is due to the fact that high blood sugar causes blood to be thicker like maple syrup and not thin and fluid like water. All of my organs have to work harder to move and deal with the thicker blood from the cellular level to the larger organs such as the heart and lungs. My heart has
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I am dependent on 23 pills a day. I feel sometimes as if I will rattle when I walk and being an uncontrolled diabetic will not improve that rattle. It is my own fault that I am dependent on glasses to see further than the tip of my nose and it is very frustrating. Fortunately, I have an amazing family that helps pick up the slack for me when having a bad day with high blood sugars. The dependence I have on them makes me worry that I may not be able to survive without them. I was previously a very independent person, all of this dependence tries my
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