Poor Eating Habits have Changed the Look of our Youth

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Prior to the nineties our youth looked proportioned to their age groups. Today many students are as large as their adult counterparts. It seems like the days are gone when children eat a healthy meal before or while at school. In many cases schools are within close proximity to fast food restaurants; therefore in this busy and lazy society parents often choose to grab something quick before or after school. In some cases fast food has completely replaced home cooked meals. Unfortunately, this kind of diet is loaded with calories and fat, which is leading to a stunning rate of youth obesity. This lifestyle pattern along with the lack of exercise must be remedied because our youth are rapidly becoming the most obese and unhealthy age group. Alison Motluk is the author of an article that brings to light the acceptance of obesity in our culture. Obesity is in epidemic proportions according to the article, “Supersize Me” obese people are not to blame themselves for the state they are in. The real culprit is the so-called “obesogenic environment” we live in (Motluk, par. 3). They have been successful in reshaping our minds that a larger serving of food is economically better than purchasing regular portion sizes. This phenomenon standard along with the level of active activity is rapidly on the decline. According to Motluk, the United State’s obesogenic environment is one that societies through the ages have dreamed of: tasty cheap food in abundance and barely a lick of
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