Poor Electricity Supply And Lack Of Internet Connectivity

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3.1. 3 Poor Electricity Supply and Lack of Internet Connectivity
Lack of constant supply of electricity has also been identified by many researchers as a major barrier to a successful wider implementation and adoption of EHR in this region (Oluoch, et al., 2012; Awokola, et al., 2012; Pantuvo et al., 2011). For instance, Awokola and colleagues reported that for many months, they could not use the EHR consistently because of constant power outage. On some occasions, the power packs in some central processing units of the table-top computers got damaged and had to be replaced. In addition, Pantuvo et al. (2011) stated that many hospitals in this region do not have access to constant electricity supply. In fact, many hospitals depend mainly on the alternative power supply commonly called “generator” for their operations. Due to the infrastructure problems throughout the country and lack of guarantee of always-on internet connection or even ensure an uninterrupted electrical supply, nationwide adoption/ wider implementation of EHR in Nigeria may not be possible (Chaplin et al., 2015). Furthermore, the study conducted on the use of health information and communication technologies (HICTs) by health workers in seven state hospitals and a private hospital in the North-Eastern Zone, Ogun State, Nigeria. Reported that only one of the hospitals examined was connected to the internet and none of them have a website (Ajiboye, Adekoya, Alawiye, & Oyedipe, 2014). Jimoh, Pate and Lin
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