Poor Houses in Mercer County

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Allysen S. Byers September 28, 2011 SOWK 604-Poor House Assignment Location- Mercer County, Pennsylvania The Mercer County Home and Hospital was opened to residents in January of 1853. As part of an initiative which began in 1830 by an act of the PA General Assembly and passed into legislation on March 22, 1850, the exploration of a site to build what would eventually be known to locals as the Mercer County Poor Farm began. By 1851, a site was purchased and then discarded due to poor location. A second developmental site was purchased in 1852 and the original facility on 83 acres became home to an initial 14 residents. Over a time span of almost 80 years, land would be purchased and developed with three residential facilities erected…show more content…
Placement is contingent solely on court placement. Part of the farm has been used by the Austin Rains family to raise Angus beef cattle since 1987. Utilizing approximately 96 acres, the Rains family raises up to 40 cattle annually. The remaining land is home to Munnell Run Farm. A 163 acre establishment, MRF provides a myriad of environmental educational services to the Mercer County community including but not limited to agriculture and ecology education, wetlands and watershed management, and forestry. MRF also provides trout by means of the Munnell Run Cooperative Trout Nursery to local streams and rivers. This establishment provides nearly 2000 trout annually. As previously mentioned, Avalon Springs is a fully functional skilled care nursing home. Privately owned, this non-profit has a maximum potential occupancy of 100 and utilizes the residential building built for poor farm residents in 1960. References Mercer County Career Center. (2011). Retrieved September 28, 2011, from http://www.mccc.tec.pa.us Mercer County Cooperative Extension. (2011). Retrieved September 28, 2011, from http://extension.psu.edu/mercer Munnell Run Farm. (2011). Retrieved September 28, 2011, from http://www.munnellrunfarm.org/default.aspx YES Academy Youth Education Services. (2008). Retrieved September 28, 2011, from
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