Poor Living Conditions Essay

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India Belton
Essay 2
English 1010
July 27, 2013
Professor Long
Poor Living Conditions Affects Children While most people live their day to day life, there are some children living in poverty. Living in these types of living conditions can influence the mental health of a child. Children living in poor quality environments can be a lasting effect on their life. Adults are often affected by poor living conditions because of the financial strain on them; not being able to provide for their families. Children will be affected differently than adults; kids are easily influenced until they reach adulthood. Of course, children learn how to act and behave form where they grew up. Influences come from older kids and adults in the area.
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Although, it is the only escape from poverty it is still hard to want to be around peers that don’t seem to struggle. Children can become disconnected from wanting to learn with the stress from what is going on at home. For example, a child in middle school that is poor have to deal with the pressure of being teased and taunted about what they wear or what they have. This can make a child not want to attend school and withdraw themselves from their outside world. Their outside world is considered outside of their community. That same middle school student feels safe there because no one is above them; everyone one is considered equal because they are all poor. Lee and Burkman found that most American students who start school significantly behind their peers can never close the readiness gap. School readiness is significant to academic achievement because poor living conditions can have long lasting consequences. Children can become drop outs, skip school, and/or have delinquent behaviors. “In Spite of the overwhelming effects of poverty on children’s education and development, there are many examples of children in low-income families who have thrived.” (Child Dev. 71: 543–562.) Family and their environment are key factors in raising offspring. Parents/guardians provide the basic necessities for a productive lifestyle, but yet it is not enough. The government provides the extra necessities for picking
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