Poor Mental Health: The Stigma Of Poor Mental Health

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I am sure that there are other charities that we as a school would be willing to donate to, that have great backgrounds and are for a good cause, but one thing I believe we should focus on is the stigma that surrounds poor mental health. Why is it that having a mental illness is frowned upon? Why is that being depressed, or having anxiety gives other people the right to discriminate and be embarrassed of and for them? It shouldn't, because as much as it is seen as something of an anomaly it is more common than you may think. One in four people have a mental illness. That means that within class there may be an average of 6 people per class with a mental illness. Which could range from deep depression to schizophrenia to obsessive-compulsive disorder. We can help people help themselves. Isn't that something we strive for? The Singapore Silver Ribbon charity helps the community by organizing at least two free mental health events for our community monthly, by offering help to schools and…show more content…
Since 2006 they have held a conference for world mental health day, helping bring awareness and explain how to reduce the risk of mental illnesses and suicide. Every year since 2006, the charity has held some sort of conference or event for mental illness awareness, from talking about how mental health is changing alongside the world and how culture and diversity affects this, to how it should be part of primary care and should have enhanced treatment. Throughout every year there are three to four events. In 2011, the charity partnered with NLB-SRS, to set up a World Mental Health Day corner in 23 libraries. In 2014 they held a mental wellness carnival, which helped to bring in many people to hear talks about mental health and how families could work through their personal
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