Poor Nutrition Which Leads To An Individual Being Overweight

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Poor nutrition which leads to an individual being overweight is damaging to one’s chance of having T2D. The presence of excess adipose fat tissue in the abdominal area correlates to many health concerns including inflammatory metabolic and diabetogenic abnormalities which increases the risk of T2D. Waist circumference is used to measure abdominal obesity with different points for males and females. During 2014-15, adults who were obese had higher rates of T2D than those who were just overweight, which had higher rates of the condition than those in a healthy weight range Being overweight (a body mass index of >25) and being obese (>30) is a major risk factor for T2D. Apart from genetic inheritance, overweight and obesity comes from an…show more content…
Genetic factors and family history is a strong risk factor for T2D but lifestyle factors also play a significant role in preventing the development of the condition. Learning about Diabetes can be inherited from your family. If any member a family has the condition, the others have a disposition of it. While having a genetic disposition to T2D, adjustable lifestyle factors increase the risk significantly. There is evidence that factors in a child’s early life can contribute to an individual being overweight or obese such as low birth weight, not getting breastfed by their mother and poor nutrition while in utero. The levels of physical activity and one’s diet in childhood also plays a role in determining a child’s weight later. People from a low socioeconomic background with a low level of education, may not have the knowledge about T2D and what lifestyle factors can lead to developing the condition compared to individuals from a higher socioeconomic population group, with high levels of education. An aspect of low socioeconomic status is earning a low income or even being unemployed, may determine the type of food they purchase for themselves and their family. Unhealthy foods like packaged meals that have many preservatives and additives are usually priced
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