Poor vs. Health Care

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Stephanie Fortune April 20, 2014 SOC320: M7A1 The Poor vs. Health Care It is prudent to keep in mind that the current system leaves million Americans without health insurance. There are many factors contributing to the poor care quality. Healthcare is too expensive already and barriers just contribute to Americans not getting proper medical care. Americans want the best possible healthcare they can get and they are demanding a basic necessity insurance coverage despite their circumstances. Health care insurance needs to be simplified. In this research paper, I will examine the disparities of poor and low income individuals and the effects that it has on the minority community and…show more content…
Many risk factors for chronic diseases are now more common among the less educated than the better educated, (Scott, 2005). Patients have problems obtaining, processing, and understanding basic health information because they do not understand the jargon used by doctors. Patients with a poor understanding of good health may not know when it is necessary to seek care for certain symptoms. While problems with health literacy are not limited to minority groups, the problem can be more pronounced in these groups than in whites due to socioeconomic and educational factors. Language differences restrict access to medical care for minorities in the United States who are not English speaking, (Access to Health Care in America, 2010). Communication is critical in order to render appropriate and effective treatment and care regardless of a patient’s race. Miscommunication can lead to incorrect diagnosis, improper use of medications, and failure to receive follow-up care. Additional communication problems stem from a lack of cultural understanding on the part of white providers for their minority patients. In 2001, the Office of Minority Health of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published the nation 's first standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate health care services, which mandate all federally funded health care providers to offer and provide language assistance services, including bilingual
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