Pop A Pimple Research Paper

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Popping a pimple
Do you ever want to pop a pimple to enhance the beauty of face? If so, then you must need to read this article and learn a lesson from women’s story.
The internet is full with the videos and tutorials in which different people are popping pimples and others will attract with their videos and do the same things. But sometimes things get worse then thinking of the people.
The same thing was happened with the 21-years-old Katie Wright from Austin as she shared her story on twitter as she tried to pop a pimple but it results in pain and ugliness to her face.
Katie Wright from Austin:
Katie was the beautiful girl, attempted to pop a pimple as it hurts her but her reaction was:
‘The pressure and heat from the face was unbearable
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But she thanks to the doctors that remains able to heal the infection and saved the life of the girl as she reached the hospital immediately and receive early treatment for four days.
The doctor associated with this case added that ‘If the infection of the pimple will run in the bloodstream of the person, it will cause several problems including brain, eyes, joints, bones and sinuses and it was pretty hard to treat these organs of the body’
The fact is that term ‘Cellulitis was not easy to recognize but it actually under diagnosed or over diagnosed but if people are feeling swelling and pain in any area of the face they must need to visit the doctor to learn the actual cause of pain’
How to stay safe from any horrible incident after popping a pimple?
The doctor added the people should need to aware while popping a pimple as it always contains a risk and painful for the people. She added that:
‘Whenever person wants to pop a pimple they must look deep before attempting the task and checks whether the pimple never associate with the cellulitis and if the pimple was small soft white tip then it will be okay and you can pop
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