Pop And Korean Pop Music

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K-pop, short for Korean Pop Music, is a South Korean phenomenon that is starting to spread globally thanks to the internet. K-pop has become a popular subculture among teenagers and young adults throughout Asia, and has resulted in widespread simulation of fashion and style to be similar to Korean idol groups and singers. With this phenomenon comes something called the K-pop effect, which has led to new standards of beauty in South Korea. There is a rise in popularity of plastic surgery amongst, the youth in South Korea and it looks like the fresh faces of the Korean music stars are fueling their obsession. One of the major stereotypes, or cognitive framework that influences the processing of cognitive information (Baron & Branscombre, 2012), of the South Korean culture is that they are superficial and completely obsessed with their looks. I have even heard stories where parents give their children plastic surgery for graduation presents. The idea behind getting plastic surgery is to look more Western, but I believe that it 's a little bit more close to home and it 's shaping a new generation of Korean youth.
Studies show that South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic procedures per capita in the entire world. The number of South Korean women who have had some kind of cosmetic procedure is at 1 in 5, compared to American which is 1 in 20. The city of Gangnam is known as the beauty belt, it is a suburb with hundreds of plastic surgery clinics and pretty much nothing else,…
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